Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sports Camp

     "There he is...right where he always is...either in line for the diving board or in the same corner of the pool. Well, go ahead and go get him."
     "No, you get him. He's used to you picking him up,"  I said.
     "That's why you should... (hard sigh and a look of dread)..."I don't want to go through this again...he's going to throw a fit that we're early..."

     He saw me before I saw him... ran to me and gave me a sopping wet hug.
     Not a frown on his face...
     caught myself before the shock could show on mine
     I signed him out
     he grabbed his backpack, slipped on his flip-flops and waved good-bye to the camp leader.

     "We played water dodge ball," he said, slipping his wet little hand in mine. "It's like dodge ball, mommy, except you throw water balloons."
    Managed to keep all comments and questions to myself

     The sigh of relief I couldn't hide.